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The CCS is working closely with the Public Health Agency of Canada to improve the awareness and uptake of the 2009 CCS Dyslipidemia Guidelines. This includes identifying tools and resources that will help primary practitioners and specialists to put the guidelines into practice.

The CCS has developed educational tools and resources in Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe PDF versions. Watch this page for new tools and resources, including a webinar series,  accredited e-learning programs and more.


Just released!

The 2012 Dyslipidemia Guidelines Update was presented in a workshop at CCC 2012 in Toronto. The guidelines will be published  in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology in early 2013.


2012 CCS Dyslipidemia Guidelines Slide Deck



Dyslipidemia Guidelines App

The CCS Lipid Guidelines App is based on the 2009 Canadian Cardiovascular Society for the diagnosis and treatment of dyslipidemia and prevention of cardiovascular disease in the adult. This App facilitates the adoption of the CCS Lipid guidelines into daily clinical practice by healthcare professionals.


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Visit the CCS App page to view more CCS Apps


Slide Decks

2012 CCS Dyslipidemia Guidelines  (English)   PPT  |  PDF

2012 Statin Intolerance and Adverse Effects: Canadian Working Group Consensus   PPT | PDF

2009 CCS Dyslipidemia Guidelines  (English)   PPT PDF


2009 CCS Dyslipidemia Guidelines  (French)   PPT  |  PDF


Pocket Guides

2009 CCS Dyslipidemia Guidelines  (English)  PDF

2009 CCS Dyslipidemia Guidelines  (French)  PDF

Supplementary Material


CIRCL CardioRisk Calculator™ now available for Windows/PC | Mac OS | iPhone OS | Blackberry

Framingham Risk Score Worksheets   

Framingham Risk Score Worksheet   English Version French Version


Patient Resources

HSFC Patient Resources


CCS is pleased to provide three highly engaging videos based on the 2009 Dyslipidemia Guidelines.

These videos address existing educational needs of health care professionals including primary care physicians, nurses and pharmacists as identified by a recent CCS needs assessment. Each video is 8-10 minutes and is designed to improve understanding of the 2009 Dyslipidemia Guidelines and put them into practice. Following each video, viewers will have an opportunity to test their knowledge and evaluate the video content.

Start watching now as a team of multidisciplinary cardiovascular health experts present on the following important topics.

Module 1 - Screening for CVD: The Importance of Family History

Module 2 - Risk Stratification and Treatment Target Selection

Module 3 - Strategies to Achieve Treatment Targets


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It is Canadian Cardiovascular Society (CCS) policy that no industry support is accepted for the development of guidelines or position statements. The CCS accepts third party funding for guideline knowledge translation activities, seeking multiple supporters whenever possible. Support is accepted to offset the development costs of tools and materials such as pocket guide printing, website development, app development, distribution of journal supplements, etc.. Supporters have no involvement in content development. Dyslipidemia Guideline knowledge translation is currently supported by: PHAC

Last Updated on Wednesday, 16 January 2013