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The CCS Heart Failure program has adopted CCS’s innovative ‘closed-loop’ model for guideline development which accommodates end-user and stakeholder input and evaluation on an ongoing basis..

Heart Failure is an ideal initial topic for the closed loop model because of its high incidence and prevalence and associated direct and indirect health care costs and the fact that the balance of medical care delivered to this growing patient population is provided by community cardiologists, general practitioners and related health care professionals. The closed-loop model provides an ideal framework for designing a needs-based program suitable for a multidisciplinary audience.




Heart Failure Guidelines


X2Opvz  Heart Failure Tools & Resources


Test your “Sodium IQ” and review the recommendations of our Expert Panel

Our experts have developed three interesting cases on hyponatremia in congestive heart failure. These cases cover key concepts and approaches to the management of hyponatremia with multiple-choice questions at various clinical decision points. Please participate; test your knowledge of hyponatremia and learn from our multi-disciplinary expert panel Dr. Jonathan Howlett, Dr. Anique Ducharme, Dr. Peter Liu, Dr. Daniel Bichet, Dr. Karen Yeates, Dr. Steven Soroka.


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