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4 Common Myths about Dentists to Ignore

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What comes to your mind when you think about a dentist? There are numerous myths about dentists who thrive on inflicting pain upon their hapless patients. The feeling of vulnerability as you lie on a dentist’s chair is the butt of many jokes and myths about dentists you should ignore. Let’s bust some of the most common myths about dentists.

1. Dentists Are Judgemental

The only thing a dentist is interested in is your dental health. He or she wants to make sure your teeth are healthy and properly aligned to give you a beautiful smile. They are not here to judge but to help you. Although you may feel a bit funny having someone staring down your teeth, this is not a ‘stare down’ match. The dentist is only assessing the state of your dental health. Dentists are some of the kindest and considerate people you will meet. They take their profession and the welfare of their clients seriously.

2. A Visit to the Dentist Is a Painful Experience

Rest assured, your dentist has no intention of harming you. The process of pulling out a tooth may be painful, but a dentist going out of his or her way to inflict pain is not something you should be worried about. Forget those inaccurate fables and cartoons, or even ‘Mr. Bean’ going for a dentist’s appointment. As hilarious as some of these stories and cartoons are, they are a mere fabrication of lies about one of the noblest professions in the world.

The truth is that most dentists aim at making sure your visit with them is as painless as a painful tooth can be. Modern dental equipment and facilities are designed to provide patients with the best dental service possible. Although a dentist cannot guarantee a pain-free experience, they do their best to make sure their procedures are as painless as possible. The Oshawa dentist website has more relevant information and resources available on their website.

3. You Don’t Need to See a Dentist If Your Teeth Are In Good Shape

Well, you need to see a dentist to verify your teeth are indeed in good shape. In any case, even if they are, a dentist will advise you on what preventive measures to adapt to make sure your teeth stay healthy. Having regular checks and cleaning appointments with a dentist, at least twice a year, is highly recommended.

4. You Have No Control at the Dentist

Many people fear not being in control at the dentist. They think the dentist would perform whatever procedure he or she thinks is right without consulting a patient lying on their chair. The reality, however, is that a dentist will not perform any procedure on you without consulting you. He or she will first sit you down and explain why you need a certain procedure and the costs involved.

In spite of the many myths about dentists, it’s important to understand the crucial role of dentists and their commitment to dental health. The key thing to remember is that a dentist’s main concern is with your dental health. They do not judge you. They do not enjoy inflicting pain. They care about their patients enough to consult them before performing any procedure on them.

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