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5 Ways A Real Estate CRM Can Automate Your Business

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A CRM system stands for client or customer, retention or relationship, manager or management system. The features they offer make it easy to stay in contact with past clients, current customers, and future leads. A real estate CRM system is like a virtual assistant that manages a database. Here are five ways a CRM system can help automate a real estate business.

1. Immediate Response

When a prospective buyer or seller asks a question, they usually want the answer right away. In today’s world of instant everything, you have to be fast. One way an automated CRM can help agents is to send an immediate auto-generated email back when someone submits a question. The response is general. It may say something like, “I got your message. I am looking the information up. In the meantime, here is a list of tips I thought might be helpful.” This type of message can buy the agent some time to get into a place or situation where they can answer more appropriately.

2. Past Clients

Past clients are a valuable resource to most real estate agents. They often refer family and friends, so keeping in touch with them is one easy way to grow business. Set the CRM to send them home buying or selling anniversary emails. Many of the systems will send out birthday and Christmas cards. As soon as the transaction closes, input essential dates for the next year and have the system take care of the rest.

3. Manage Active Leads

An active lead is someone who is going to be making a real estate transaction within a few months. If the lead is a buyer, set the CRM up to send them weekly tips on mortgages and escrow information. If the lead is a seller, send them weekly tips on how to prepare a home to sale. A real estate CRM makes staying in front of the consumer easier.

4. Nurture Contacts

It is not uncommon to talk to people who are not ready to buy or sell yet, but they are beginning to think about it. An agent could set up a CRM campaign to call the prospect every 90 days, and the program could email them a monthly newsletter about the real estate market and trends. This way agents are not hounding people who are not ready to make a move yet.

5. Text messaging

Many consumers prefer a text response. Just like the auto emails, a real estate CRM can send out a quick response text message for you. If the consumer responds back to your text, then you know you may have someone who needs immediate assistance, but if they do not, you can set them up in the CRM as a potential client, and let the program follow up with them.

Program the real estate CRM to respond quickly to emails or text messages automatically, and set it to remember important dates. An automated CRM system frees up agents, so they can spend more time showing properties, having open houses, and closing escrows.

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