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4 Benefits of Field Service Management Software

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Field service software is typically used to organize technicians who perform service work and repairs such as a plumber, electrician, appliance technician, or similar. This type of software can maintain a schedule, log technician notes, arrival and departure times, and even process invoices. Keeping track of an entire fleet can be difficult. Review these 4 benefits of utilizing field service software in your daily business activities.

1. Instant Invoices

Most field service management software programs provide technicians with the ability to invoice their clients and process payments immediately upon completing their service. Customers can sign the invoice, receive an emailed copy of the invoice, and process a credit card payment all from the technician’s phone or tablet. Cash paying customers can receive the same type of invoice. Another perk of this is that all this information is immediately stored and thus relayed to office personnel.

2. GPS Tracking

Many FSM programs can track your technician’s route via GPS signals. This is beneficial if you have a technician who is not where they should be, is lost, or is in route to a customer. This can alert the main office when a technician has arrived at or left a job site. Additionally, if you have an emergency and need a technician to re-route and head to a new location, your FSM program can show you the location of all your technicians so you’re able to pick the most convenient technician for the new job.

3. Scheduling

You’re able to maintain your daily schedule with your field service software. If your technician starts the day with only 2 appointments, the office staff can update the technician’s schedule in real time with new appointment details, location, and customer details such as name and phone number. If a customer reschedules, you’re able to fill the available spot to avoid down time for your technicians.

4. Pay for What you Need

Many field service software programs can be somewhat tailored to your organization’s needs. You can opt out of certain services that you would not utilize. This saves money for your organization and saves your staff from having to navigate around certain steps within a task. An example of this is GPS verification that your technician has arrived at his scheduled appointment. Some FSM software programs will not allow a technician to navigate through an appointment’s details if their GPS has not acknowledged that they have arrived.If your technician is using a personal vehicle for the day that is not equipped with GPS, this could cause difficulty in navigating through their scheduled appointments.

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