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5 Etiquette Tips to Follow When Reporting Bugs to Your Developer Company

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Virtually anyone who works with a custom Android app development company will eventually have to report bugs. When your app starts to malfunction, you want to ensure the bugs are fixed as soon as possible to enhance the UX experience. Here are useful tips to report a bug and how to avoid possible conflict with the developer.

1. Be Sure It’s a Bug

Usually, you expect an app to produce a specific outcome. If the app fails to meet your expectations, you may presume the program has a bug. While this is sometimes the case, the Android app may be functioning just the way it’s programmed and designed to by the developer.

So before filing a report, be sure to confirm whether the app is functioning as designed. To get this information, read the documentation and contact tech support to make sure that the app is not functioning as expected.

2. Don’t Be In a Hurry to Report

Sometimes, you get so overwhelmed that you found a bug that you forget to check if you performed thorough app scrutiny. Perhaps you were unable to access the app because you typed in the wrong password or had a bad connection. Or maybe the location sharing is not working because you forgot to allow the app access to your location. Always double check and make sure you’re not at fault before reporting a bug.

3. Provide Accurate Descriptions

Phrases like “the app stopped working” or “it won’t run” don’t succinctly describe the app’s problem. Rather, they usually just frustrate the developer who is responsible for fixing the issue. The best way to handle this issue is to provide an accurate description. Be more specific in your details. State clearly the actions that the app was supposed to take and what happened instead. Make sure you include how it all started and provide any error text displayed by the app. The more detailed the report, the better help your custom android app development company can provide. The title of the bug report should be clear, concise and easy to understand.

4. Assist Your Developer

Assist your developer every step of the way. If you know how to reproduce a bug, do so in their presence. Help your developer find the bug and, if there are more paths to reach it, clearly state them as well – no one knows where the solution might come from. Also, you should mention if there are any conditions that have to be met to help simplify the process. If your developers have to gain access to the app to fix the bug, then to which account – standard or premium? This information plays a critical role in making the search for a bug easier and more effective.

5. Attach a Screenshot

If you think the developer might find it difficult to understand your descriptions, it’s best to attach a screenshot of the problem with a red arrow pointing to the problem directly. If the bug is more complex, then provide a step-by-step video recording.

Reporting a bug is a key step in the software development cycle. For a quicker and long-lasting solution, be sure to provide an accurate description of the problem.

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