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Four Ways Your Real Estate CRM Can Improve Marketing Efforts

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If you are new to the real estate industry, you may have heard some of your experienced counterparts talk about their CRM, or customer relationship management program. A real estate CRM is a veritable necessity for success in the industry once your business picks up, and you may actually need to invest in a CRM before you reach the point of actually needing it to stay on top of your activities. On the other hand, you may be a seasoned real estate agent, and you may already be using a CRM. However, your program may be outdated and lack the exceptional benefits that a new program can provide. These are some of the essential ways that a quality real estate CRM can take your marketing efforts to the next level.

1. Maintain an Accurate Client List

At its most basic level, a CRM is used for you to maintain and track your clients. You can use it to look up contact information for any client, and you can also use it to maintain and review notes about each client. For example, you may need to quickly refresh yourself about a conversation that you had with a specific client a week ago. The information will be in your CRM. Remember that an accurate client list is essential for email and direct mail marketing efforts.

2. Assign a Classification to Each Client

Quality CRMs also allow you to classify each client, such as by ranking them in terms of whether they are hot or cold. You may classify them as buyers looking for a first-time home, empty-nesters or something else. Because you can easily segment your client list, you can create customized marketing material that speaks to each segment.

3. Automate Touches

You can also automate some of your marketing. For example, you can create instructions in some CRM programs to send a quick email to touch bases to a small list of clients who you spoke with a few weeks ago. Each CRM is unique, so you will need to look for a program that has this important and beneficial feature.

4. Create Reminders

Another excellent marketing benefit is that CRMs can provide you with reminders. For example, when you are entering notes in a client’s record about a conversation you recently had, you can create a reminder to touch bases with that individual on a specific date in the future. In this way, you can ensure that none of your leads fall through the cracks.

If you are not currently using a real estate CRM or if you have not upgraded your program in a few years, now is a wonderful time to explore the options. You will find that a modern CRM designed for real estate agents can improve your efforts as well as your results.

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