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8 Must-Know Tips for Submitting Your New App to App Stores

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Thankfully, your custom android app development project has been a success. So, what next? Submitting the app to the app store. Here are some ways to get your app featured in the best app stores.

1. The Right Stores

The first thing to consider is choosing the right app store. There is no doubt you want your app to get featured in the more popular app stores, but you need to set a target to get started.

2. Research Stores

Keep in mind that all app stores have their pitfalls and shortcomings. For some, you’ll have to pay a high membership fee for your app to get featured while others have stringent policy restrictions. Conduct thorough research on your app store of choice to get more information about the submission process. Choosing the right store for your app is a step in the right direction.

3. Create a Budget

You’ve spent a considerable amount of money during the custom android app development stage. If you want your app to stand the test of time and reach as many users as possible, then you should be ready to budget to be featured in popular app stores.

4. Sign Up

Sign up for the app stores of your choice. A good number of app stores allow you to not only submit your app post registration, but they also provide you with useful tips and guides to do so. In addition to that, a few app stores provide users access to handy software development tools. These packages will come in handy.

5. Read the Fine Print

You shouldn’t submit your app without reading the fine prints. Make sure you have a perfect understanding of the terms and conditions. If you don’t understand a particular term, consult a professional for clarity or do some research on your own. Reading and understanding the terms and conditions will further increase your chance of getting your app approved.

6. Test

It’s critical to test your app before submitting. Make sure there are no bugs at the time of submission and the app is working optimally. Failing to test and re-test your app before submission might have grievous consequences. There have been many cases where app stores have rejected users’ proposals to feature their apps because they malfunctioned during evaluation. If you don’t want to end up in such a bad situation, thoroughly test your app.

7. Don’t Breach Copyright

Do not use any form of copyrighted material, including in your choice of pictures, logos, or videos. This gives the app store a good reason to reject your app. Increase your chance of getting your app featured in the app store by only using original materials.

8. Describe Your App

Be sure to provide a detailed description of your app. This should include its features and functionality. Also, state what sets your app apart. Make the app store see the great reasons why they should feature your app. You should also create a unique icon for your app, so if it gets featured, users will be able to easily spot it among the sea of apps in the store.

Your chance of getting featured in app stores will be greatly enhanced if you create a great mobile app that not only has a creative design but also addresses the needs of your users.

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