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How Mapping the Indoor Environment Helps in Navigation

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Indoor navigation for hospitals is an idea whose time has come. With airports and hospitals becoming extremely complex, visitors are struggling to deal with the hustle and bustle of modernity. Maps are instrumental in navigation, especially in the outdoor world. Today, there is a need to put the indoor world on the map as well to aid in wayfinding. Since GIS can only help in the navigation of the outdoors, it is critical to come up with several Wi-Fi-friendly tools that aid in the navigation of the indoor world as well.

Indoor navigation in health centers

Indoor navigation for hospitals solve many problems within the hospital, such as allowing a smooth flow of patients from the waiting room, triage, laboratories, and treatment rooms. With this technology, the visitors can also find the patient easily during the visiting hours. The hospital can simplify a complex facility by dividing it into several zones that include the emergency, theater, casualty, and radiology sections. If necessary, you can also subdivide the hospital blocks by identifying the various sections in every floor.

Indoor navigation for visually impaired patients

Some of the mobile-friendly platforms come with voice navigation features that make it easier for the blind to find their way throughout the various public facilities. Visually impaired patients can now find their way in any facility with the help of the voice command feature that comes as an inbuilt app in some mobile phone applications. This technology introduces another dimension in the healthcare experience, enhancing the safety of every patient and allowing the patients and visitors to act independently within the hospital.

Wheelchair-accessible routes
Navigation for persons with physical disabilities is quite easy with the help of the indoor positioning system. Gps for indoors provide a vast array of solutions that offer some wheelchair-accessible routes where necessary. Hospital visitors can find their way easily around the hospital without getting lost. Making a hospital more accessible is very important especially for people on wheelchairs. The indoor maps can help you to identify the wheelchair-accessible routes to make it easier for the patients to move around.

Indoor navigation in airports
Airports can be extremely busy. For people who do not travel often, the hustle and bustle of an airport can be startling. With flights to catch and visitors to meet, saving time is always important. One of the best ways to navigate the airport is to have a digital map on the mobile phone. With a digital map, people will not get lost in an airport since they will go to the appropriate terminals to book their flights. Missing a flight is always a risk if you go to the wrong terminal, meaning that you will not book your flight on time.

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