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Getting the Most out of your Lap Band Surgery

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Making the decision to get Lap Band Surgery can be one of the best choices you may ever make. When years of countless diets and will power have failed, sometimes weight loss surgery is the best option.

Lap Band Surgery is the least invasive gastric procedure that simply involves placing an adjustable band around the the top section of the stomach. However, unlike other procedures that permanently change the structure of the digestive organs, the Lap Band will eventually be removed once the ideal weight has been reached. This means that the patient must put forth more effort to maintain the weight loss.

Before Getting The Surgery

Your eating habits prior to the Lap Band Surgery will have a large effect on your results post-operation. It is advised to lose as much weight as possible and make an attempt to reduce your portion consumption beforehand. You must be in the right mindset to change your lifestyle before and after surgery, as once the gastric band is removed, you may gain the weight back.

Calories Will Always Count

Gastric surgery is not a “free ticket” to eat as you please. Although the lap band pouch will only hold about a tablespoon of food at first, this pouch can gradually become larger if too much food is consumed.

High calorie liquids, such as bottled juices or fattening soups can easily move through the pouch into the stomach. If these are consumed on a regular basis, you may experience weight gain or abnormally slow weight loss.

Your practitioner will provide you with a diet that will yield you the best results.

Ensuring You Are Getting Enough Nutrients

Since you are not able to eat a wide variety of food in large portions, it is crucial to eat the most nutrient dense food. This includes focusing on protein, fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Protein is especially important to preserve muscle and tissue, as your body is prone to break these down during your weight loss. Low-fat protein options include lean chicken breast, turkey breast, fish (such as tilapia), egg whites, beans or fat free cottage cheese.

You must eat these foods in very small bites and chew them until they are almost liquidfied in your mouth. Swallowing solid food may create blockages inside the band.

Your doctor may also recommend supplements such as a multi-vitamin, calcium and iron.

The Bottom Line

Getting Lap Band Surgery will undoubtedly change your life forever. To keep your weight off, you must always strive to practice a healthy lifestyle of proper food choices and exercise. Always use your better judgement to take care of your body.

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