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Knowing a little about retirement homes or nursing homes is a necessity, especially if you have a family member who needs either short term assisted living or long term care. Many of the elderly citizens are no longer able to perform some of the essential functions and activities on their own, in which case it becomes necessary to find the best way to assist them in getting the most suitable type of long term care and assistance. Although sometimes families have time to look for the best retirement homes for the care of their elderly relatives, at times the decisions regarding where to get such care for a family member have to be made quickly. For instance, a sudden injury will certainly require a new care plan.

What is a Nursing Home?
Nursing homes, also known as a skilled nursing facilities are the places that provide assisted living, which is the care given to people who do not have to be hospitalized but can no longer get sufficient care from home. These residences care for people suffering from serious illnesses, critical injuries, those in need of attention after surgery, and the elderly citizens who can no longer get adequate care while at home.

Most of the retirement homes comprise of skilled nurses and aides who are available 24 hours a day. However, before you can find out whether or not assisted living is the best option for your relative, it is important to consult with your healthcare provider.

Nursing homes can be:
Household-like: Such facilities are structurally and functionally designed to be more like our homes. They also rarely entail a fixed day-to-day routine. In the household-like facilities, the teams, comprised of a combination of residents and staff, all try their best to create a more relaxed feeling. Kitchens areas are usually open to residents, the décor intentionally designed to provide a sense of home for the patients, and the entire staff is encouraged to develop and maintain friendly relationships with all residents.

Hospital-like: This particular type of facility is usually set up in the same manner as a hospital. Only members of staff provide medical care here, which includes speech, physical, and occupational therapies. As a rule, only one or two people can live in a single room while there is usually a nurses’ station on each and every floor. However, a number of the hospital-like nursing homes allow couples to live together while most of the items that can make a room appear more relaxing such as family photos are also welcome.

Combination: Some assisted living facilities such as retirement homes comprise of a combination of household-like and hospital-like units, with most of them featuring visiting doctors who serve their patients on site. However, some of these facilities also have their patients visit the doctors’ offices. At times, you might find that these facilities consist of separate areas known as special care units. These areas are for the care of people suffering from severe memory issues such as dementia. Visit Sienna Living if you would like to learn more.

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